🙎‍♀️ Lucy had great results with our 28 Day Challenge initially, followed by our 6 Week Challenge further down the track to continue building on her success. Lucy has shared an insight to her EmpwowerFit journey with us:

What Lucy’s 20months of hard work looks like^

“Soo I joined EmpowerFit on a 28 Day Challenge in March 2020. I lost about 5kg on the challenge, then continued going to the gym and started running. I was the most unfit I’d ever been – I could barely run 400m! 🏃‍♀️

I kept on going with my nutrition plan, but reintroduced some other foods into my diet to ensure I was enjoying what I was eating. I focused on increasing protein and veggies at every meal 🍗🥗, and got creative to come up with healthy alternatives to ‘naughty’ foods.

Up until November 2020 I had lost 17-18kg, then I took part in EmpowerFit’s 6 Week Challenge and lost another 2-3kg to get me over the 20-kg mark!

For me, joining EmpowerFit was a complete life changing experience! It helped me change my mindset in relation to fitness and nutrition. I was in a very unhealthy place when I started and 18 months on I couldn’t be happier all round! I would never have believed possible half the things I can do now!

If you told me going for a 5km run would be fun when I first started, I’d have been laughing crazy at you!! I have so much more energy and have found a form of training that I love, as it pushed me to work and achieve in every session.” 🏋️‍♀️

✅If you’re ready to change your life, and turn your health and fitness around after a very tough 20 months or so enduring all that Covid and ongoing lockdowns have thrown at us, NOW couldn’t be a more perfect time. We’re open, staying open and summer is on it’s way! 🌞

To enquire in next year’s 6 Week Challenge, follow the link below:

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