🍲 Chances are you’re doing more cooking than ever from home given the current times. It can become a bit monotonous, it’s often a challenge to avoid cooking the same things and stay motivated to prepare healthy meals.

💥Truth is, one of the simplest ways to improve your nutrition and health is to home cook your meals. Here’s a few tips to help you out:

1️⃣ Find a couple of new recipes you’re excited to try. Search for some ‘clean eating’ recipes online, search ‘recipe’ on this page or grab a healthy mag or cookbook next time you’re shopping, for some inspiration and creativity.

2️⃣ Try new or different foods that you don’t normally make. Try a new curry, slow cooked dish or salad combo.🥗 Experimenting with some new herbs and spices you haven’t tried before or even some different veggies 🍆🥬 you don’t normally eat are great ways to add variation to your meals.

3️⃣ Cook healthy meals in bulk 🍲 so that you have left overs for another meal, or even freeze for when you want a night off cooking on a Friday night. This will help avoid going for unhealthy take away options.

4️⃣ Keep your kitchen clean and organised. Arrange your herbs and spices 🧄🌶 and keep them at your finger tips so you’ll be more likely to use them in your cooking to keep flavours interesting. If you have the time, do a pantry clean out. This ALWAYS makes you feel good.😃

5️⃣ Make cooking fun! Involve the whole family, take turns in choosing meals, or just get in the kitchen, get the tunes on and go nuts!! 🎵😃🥣

^Me cooking at home

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