There is one factor that can stop us from prioritising our physical health and fitness, and mental health at times, and that is the ‘As Soon As’ mentality.


We all do it at least on occasion and it can be one of the biggest prohibitors to maintaining a consistent healthy routine.

➡️ ‘I’ll start exercising when I’m not so busy and have more time’. 🚴

➡️ ‘I’ll begin eating healthy after the social engagements I have on next weekend’. 🥗

➡️ ‘I’ll start making time for myself when work calms down’.

Perfect conditions are what we ideally would like in order to take back control or make changes in our lives.

💡 The problem with this is that rarely do we have perfect conditions. Rarely do all the planets align for the ‘perfect time’ to take action. Plus, we don’t need perfect conditions to eat a healthy meal, do some exercise or have some time out for ourselves. We just need to start somewhere.

😔Life isn’t perfect, there is always going to be stress, chaos and we will constantly need to juggle several balls in the air at one time in order to prioritise what is important to us. Our lives are always going to be busy, and we need to decide to take back the power and do what is within our control to make better choices, prioritise our health, fitness and mental health and make things happen. Plus, even if life is perfect for a moment, it sure isn’t going to stay that way for long.

💣 What we are really saying to ourselves when we adopt the ‘As Soon As’ mentality, is that the instant gratification of not prioritising our health and fitness is more important to us. It means that settling for ‘good enough’ and living out the life of who we really want to be, isn’t what we want. Does that sound contradictory or what?? 🤷‍♀️

❓❓ So, what are you waiting for? What action can you take today?


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