One poor choice may not seem like a big deal. You may have even said things like this to yourself, ‘just one night of take away won’t hurt’, 🍕 ‘I can’t be bothered training,🏋️‍♂️ it’s not going to matter if I miss a session’, ‘it’s the weekend – I’ll just enjoy one binge drinking session and get back on track on Monday’. 🍻The thing is you often then find it really difficult to get back on track.

💥Choices made over and over again create behaviours. Over time these behaviours turn into habits. Ultimately it’s these habits that will be responsible for the outcome – success or failure. This is a great motivator you can draw on when making choices, especially if they are more difficult ones.

🤔Not every choice you make is going to be perfect, but be mindful when making choices and know that they add up. Often it’s during difficult or challenging times in your life, such as lockdowns, where it’s easier to allow yourself to make poor choices, and before you know it your goals have become that bit further out of reach.

This applies to almost every aspect of life whether it’s nutrition🥗, fitness 🏃, sport ⛹️‍♀️, work etc. Whatever your goal is, success starts with just one good choice.

What’s one decision you’ll be making this weekend that will lead you closer to achieving your goals?


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