🎉Absolutely love it 💚 when we come across an amazing healthy, quality local product, and we have a few of them around Hamilton!

From time to time I do like to recommend specific products or brands that I use in my cooking, that have a point of difference in the way of being preservative free, natural, unprocessed with no nasty ingredients and of course, have health benefits!

🧄I recently stumbled across Grange Garlic which is even more special because it’s locally grown. It’s unprocessed, raw and the freshness is incredible – you experience this as soon as you rip off the lid, the aroma is amazing! You’ll never buy supermarket garlic again.

🍲Garlic has so many uses, it’s absolutely a kitchen staple, it goes in almost every dish and has some pretty impressive health benefits, including boosting your immune system.

Keep your eye out here for some delicious, healthy recipes coming your way soon, to get your garlic fix!\

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