There’s no doubt life has it’s tough moments. In really difficult times it can be hard to “think” about that event as anything but bad. 😞

💥There are really two outcomes here, that are totally attributed to your ‘thinking’ about the situation:


1️⃣ Focusing on how hard or tough it is, pitying yourself and complaining about the situation. This option is not going to make the situation any less difficult or suck less, in fact, it would actually make it even harder to endure.

2️⃣ Recognising the positives, focusing on the elements you can control, and reminding yourself that the situation is temporary, and will pass. With positive thinking the whole situation will not seem nearly as bad. If you’ve ever got through a difficult situation thinking, “I actually handled that really well”, it’s because of how you perceived the situation. 🙂

🤔It also helps to visualise how things will look 6 months from now. Could you prevent it from being a pro-longed problem, will it even still be an issue? Will you have all but forgotten about it in 6 months’ time?

💡Situations can be powerful enough to change your thinking, but have you thought that your thinking is also powerful enough to change a situation?? That is certainly something to ponder over.

💡Next time you’re faced with a difficult challenge or situation, pay close attention to your thoughts, are they positive or negative? Are they helping you get through the situation or making it seem worse? Make your thoughts positive ones, and notice how much less severe your overall situation seems.

May be an image of one or more people and text that says ""For there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so" EMPOWERFIT SHAKESPE ARE'S HAMLET"


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