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These herbs and spices are known for their immune boosting and infection fighting properties and now is the time to start incorporating them in your cooking and adding to your meals.

They’re all easy to and your food will have a new spike of flavour!

✅ Cumin is a yellow spice often used to bring warm flavours to curries and stews. It can also be added to soups, vegetables, to the water when cooking rice or even smoothies.

✅ Freshly grated ginger enhances stir fry veg or any Asian or curry flavoured dishes. You can pop this in a smoothie too – goes well with pineapple and apple.

✅ Garlic is a common one we all love. Go crazy throwing crushed or finely chopped garlic into just about everything savoury you cook. It also makes your meat taste amazing by rubbing on the meat before cooking.

✅ If oregano isn’t a herb you use often, start including this in tomato based dishes such as pasta sauces or on homemade pizzas. It also creates a lovely infused olive oil and goes well in marinades for lamb, chicken or beef dishes.

✅ Cinnamon is loaded with antioxidants and has so many uses so is an easy one to start adding in right now. Simply sprinkle over porridge, protein pancakes, natural yoghurt, fruit or add to protein shakes. 🍎🍌🥣


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