Often you will see gyms supplying all different supplements, influencers posting a selfie with a tub of something rather that “works wonders for them”. Commonly, you will see Protein Powders; either Whey, plant based or casein. Pre workouts, fat burners and creatine to name just a few. But, are these all necessary to see great results? Lets talk about the 2 most popular supplements; protein powered and pre- workout.



Firstly, lets talk about protein as its own source. Protein can come from chicken, yogurt, eggs, beans and of course protein powder. Protein is one of the most important macronutrients for your body which benefits in:

Supporting Muscle gain: Protein helps to aid muscle recovery and repair muscles which in turn also helps to maintain as well as increase muscle mass.

Weight loss: As foods high in protein aid in satiety, reducing your hunger hormone, helping you to feel fuller for longer.

Boosting metabolism: Simply, adequate protein intake will help boost your metabolism, burning more calories all day long and even in your sleep!


“Protein powder makes you bulky” – A common thought planted in females minds. Protein powder will absolutely not make you by any means bulky. Having a protein shake is exactly just like eating a chicken breast, eggs or yogurt!

“I can only have protein powder after I workout” – Protein can be taken at any time! It makes for a good pre workout AND post workout snack, aiding in muscle recovery! Even if you don’t workout its great for a quick, on the go and convenient snack.

“I don’t workout so I cant’ have protein” – also a common thought. Most of our body is made up of protein, so its very important for cellular renewal!

So, is protein powder necessary? Short answer, no. BUT, Protein powder is a great source of protein IF you struggle to hit your daily protein goal as its quick and easy. It’s also great if you are in a caloric deficit, its a great snack to help you feel full, yet lower in calories. It does certainly have plenty of nutritional value and comes in delicious flavors, so add a scoop to your smoothie, oats or yogurt for a great protein filled snack!



Pre workout supplements are used to enhance performance and energy helping you to lift heavier and workout for longer prolonging your stamina. In turn, it will help you improve your performance, aiding with weight loss and muscle growth as you are able to train harder. If you lack energy or are feeling tired or want to improve your energy in the gym, Pre Workout is a helpful supplement to take.

Will pre workout affect your sleep? A lot of pre workouts on the market contains stimulants such as caffeine, taking those close to your bed time could impact your sleep, however it depends on your personal tolerance. Yet, most providers have developed stimulant free pre workout powders designed to still give you a kick without impacting your sleep.

Does pre workout give you the jitters? Not all pre workout with give you this reaction. Typically, the jitters come from a large dose of caffeine found in pre workout. However, a merely mild amount of caffeine, mixed with other beneficial ingredients will help to minimise the jitters.

When should you take pre workout? When you feel like you need an energy boost, or are determined to hit a PR in the gym!

When not to take pre workout? It is always a good idea to check the information of the product from the website you are buying from as caffeine and other stimulants affect different people in different ways. Those who are extremely sensitive to caffeine and pregnant women should avoid high doses or find a stim free alternative. Those with heart conditions should also avoid pre workout as its going to make your heart work harder. Remember to always consult your doctor if you are not sure!

In all, supplements are all down to personal preference and convenience for people. They’re great for assisting in achieving goals but do not feel like you have to rely on them to see results.


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