It’s fantastic that you’ve decided to take that first and hardest step towards your fitness goals by joining the gym and we are truly grateful and appreciative for you entrusting us to help you on your journey.

With that in mind, the following article attempts to provide some clarity about the next steps when it comes to joining the 24/7 gym.


Once you’ve completed the paperwork sides of things, the very first step in your journey is to book a time to get a program developed. Think of this as a personal training session where together with a trainer, you have a program developed. The first programming appointment is complimentary, and is also optional as some people prefer to just go in and do their own thing or follow a program they have sourced from elsewhere.


  1. Upon arriving at EmpowerFit for your 24/7 gym programming appointment, your coach will be waiting for you in the reception area. They will show you where to scan your access tag, which will be what you scan every time you visit as it provides access into the facility.

  2. From here, you’ll head in to the gym, grab a seat at the front desk and the coach will help you set up the gym’s training app on your phone (your program will be available through this app) – so make sure that you bring your phone. Rest easy if you’re more of a paper and pen type of person as we can print out the program if that’s what you prefer.

  3. With the EmpowerFit app sorted, the coach will then ask you a series of questions around your training goals, exercise background, exercise likes/dislikes, injury history, how many times a week you’re intending to train and how long you want your workout to last. As you’re answering these questions, your coach will start to piece together the foundations of a training program.

  4. With a base program developed, your coach will then take you out to the gym to start showing you through the movements. It is here the coach will work on your technique and progress and regress or substitute the movement based on your starting level. As these changes and adaptations are made, the coach will adjust these in the app.

  5. With the movements understood, the coach will now work through how many reps, sets, rest and how heavy/intense you are to do the exercises.

  6. To finish the session, the coach will confirm that you understand the program and give you an opportunity to ask any remaining questions. They’ll also review the program in the app on your phone so that you can see how to find your program, how to access the movement demonstrations and how to message your coach through the app.

An important note to make, if you are not able to attend your appointment, please provide a minimum 8 hours notice. The coach has made their time available to work with you and failing to attend or provide an appropriate length of notice will mean that you forfeit the complimentary programming appointment.


There’s a couple of key strategies we’d encourage you to employ to get into a good routine with your training;

  1. Make your first visit priority number 1! That’s right, get back to the gym – the sooner the better. Have a play around and don’t expect things to be perfect. It will take a few visits for the dust to settle and for you to get familiar with the exercises and how heavy you should be going.

  2. Stop the judgement! When going to the gym, the most judgemental person you will ever likely meet is YOU! No one else will ever be as harsh a critic as you are with yourself. So stop it! Stop it now! As this is one of the biggest handbrakes to progress. Instead, start a gratitude/appreciation diary. Find out all the things you’re doing well and celebrate them. Tell your friends and share them on our facebook members page (we have a specific post each Friday for this very purpose) – you’ll be amazed the difference this makes.

  3. Block out time in your diary / calendar and protect this time, outside of emergencies, nothing else trumps these appointments. There are going to be some days that you’re not going to want to be here – that is normal. There are going to be other days you’re not going to be able to do the full workout – that is normal too. The most important part of any fitness journey (even more than having the perfect program and doing the perfect exercises) is regularity. Aim to come in consistently. If you’re not feeling it, go through the motions. If you haven’t got the time, cut things short. Just make sure that you come in – ALWAYS SOMETHING will always beat ALL OR NOTHING.

  4. You’ve got the EmpowerFit app with access to your coach, don’t be afraid to use it. While all program details are inside with all movements having demonstration videos, your coach is still available to answer any questions you may have.


At a minimum, we encourage you to change your program every 6 weeks. Changing your program will allow you to keep things interesting and to also ensure that your body doesn’t get used to the training and plateau prematurely.

You can make a new appointment time by contacting reception. For details on the cost of getting a new program developed, you can click here.


When it comes to the 24/7 gym journey, we have found that there are times when people need some extra guidance and support. This generally comes in the form of a heightened level of accountability to help you stay on track or with nutrition in knowing what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat. If you need that extra support, we’ve got an Accountability & Support Program, as well as a Nutrition Coaching Program available to help. You can click here to find out some more details on this.

Hopefully you’ve found this helpful in breaking down the 24/7 gym steps. If you’re after more information about the 24/7 gym process, you can click on the link below to make a time to speak to one of the team directly.


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