do you know what to do but struggling to stay consistent?

Instead of searching for the ‘best’ workout program or the ‘perfect diet’, start paying some attention first to WHY you aren’t being consistent.

  • Is your workout program or diet realistic and ‘doable’?
  • You might have a log going on in your life so now may not be the best time to focus on fat loss.
  • On paper, ‘now’ might seem like a great time but you aren’t as ready to prioritise it as you’d like to be.
  • Maybe you have completely unrealistic expectations so you think you aren’t making progress when you actually are, or you feel you are not making ENOUGH progress.
  • Or maybe you have slip ups here and there, and instead of brushing off and moving on, you say ‘stuff it’, and give up altogether.

Maybe it’s a combination of these? Either way, most people struggle with consistency because they ahve unrealistic expecations of what progress is supposed to look like. As a result, they decide to quit because they feel like they aren’t making progress so what’s the point?

Change your approach and consider this instead:

  • Stop holding yourself to unrealistic standards you know are going to be difficult and unsustainable, even for a short time.
  • Assess whether the timing is right and if you are truly ready to focus on weight loss right now. You might be better off implementing one or two simpler habits that you can be consistent with.
  • Stop using ‘I stuffed up’ as a reason to give up altogether. No one is perfect, just get back on track.
  • Are you actually not making progress?? Just because it may not be as fast as you’d ideally like, it doesn’t mean you’re not making progress. Show a bit of self-compassion and ditch those ridiculous expectations.

This isn’t a race and there is no finish. You just have to get back on track and keep going. There is no rush therefore no need to put unnecessary pressure on yourself. 🙂


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