There sure is❗️

➡️Sound familiar? You feel extra sore or know you haven’t recovered but think you should train anyway?

💪Recovery is actually the process when your body adapts from the stressors of your training. In other words you actually get fitter, strong and build muscle during recovery, not during the workout itself.

🤷‍♀️So what do you think happens if you don’t allow yourself to recover?? If you feel like you are training a lot and not making progress, this might be something to consider.

🏃Now this isn’t an excuse not to work out if you haven’t been training regularly, BUT, constantly pushing yourself when you’re very sore, low on sleep🥱, exhausted and you’ve already trained consistently for the week is basically asking for burnout, and hello injuries!! 👨‍🦽Now who can relate to this?? 🙋

✅Workouts all add up towards creating consistency, there’s no doubt about that, but one workout will not make or break the big picture of progress or achieving your goals. Yes we need to train hard but that also means we need to recover hard. Active recovery and rest and just as important as the training sessions themselves.

🚶‍♀️😴Don’t let the guilt kick in for having a rest day or choosing active recovery over an intense workout instead, when you know that your body needs to recover.

🙋 Hands up if you needed this reminder!!


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