❓When aiming to improve your Nutrition, do you have a ‘Plan B’?📋 Or do you only focus on ‘Plan A’ which involves a detailed and perfectly executed meal plan, a full grocery shop 🛒from a planned out list, lots of meal prep, and time devoted to doing all this?
💪👍By the way this plan is fantastic, it’s setting you up for a successful week and when everything goes to plan, it works wonders!
𝘉𝘜𝘛, how often does every week run absolutely perfectly? 😏How often does life get in the way?
⭕️What happens when?:
👉you’re stressed 😫
👉time poor 🕙
👉you’ve had a monstrous day at work
👉your partner is away
👉you’re tired 🥱
👉you’re juggling a million balls in the air, ……. and just to top it off
👉you get sick
We can all get motivated to meal plan, meal prep and execute a perfect week, and when we have no other obstacles that get in the way, this is great.
⭕️It’s just not realistic though, so wouldn’t it pay to also spend time strategizing around the challenges you might face, and coming up with a ‘Plan B’, so you aren’t totally thrown off track each time life ‘happens’. 🤷‍♀️
💡To be consistent and therefore achieve results, you have to figure out how to eat well when it’s hard, when your environment isn’t perfect. Most people don’t consider this when trying to improve their eating habits.
💥This week in our Nutrition Reset program, we have clients focusing on:
1️⃣ What has tripped them up in the past and building strategies to overcome these barriers
2️⃣ Creating their ‘Plan B’.
✅Yes we also focus on meal planning, meal prep and building habits and routines, 𝘉𝘜𝘛 we’re also planning for life to ‘happen’, which realistically occurs more often than our perfect environment.
❓❓Wanting to change your nutrition habits? Make sure you also plan for the not so perfect week. 💡✅


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