😅 This quote may seem a little obvious, because you 100% have to TRY to accomplish something if you want to accomplish something right? 💁

🤔BUT, have you ever thought that your ‘fixed’ mindset could be holding you back from doing just that – TRYING?

⭕️If you’ve conjured up the notion that there is no nutrition or fitness strategy that will help you, because you’ve ‘tried everything’ and nothing seems to work, even if you were to start something else, you likely wouldn’t commit 100%.

⭕️It’s also far easier and more comfortable to simply not try at all, or attempt half-heartedly, than to try hard and still face potential failure.

❓Ever heard the saying that `nothing worth achieving is easy’?

✅If you want to succeed, whether that be lose the weight, get your first pull up, get that promotion, whatever it is, you have to make ONE very important decision. You need to decide you will try, and commit to doing everything in your control to make it happen.

💥Remember too, that not taking action, not making an attempt, not putting in the effort, well, that’s also a decision.

👉It’s up to you, what will you decide?

May be an image of text that says ""Every accomplishment ent starts with the decision to try" -John F. Kennedy"


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